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Who is the audience
What is the message?
What are the dimensions?
Is there a specific budget?
Is there a deadline for completion?
Can the client provide examples of design they like?
Is there an existing corporate brand that needs to re-designed?

Illustrated design

  • Handcrafted designs starting rate : € 75
  • A character / logo / vector : starting from € 100 (digital or illustrated) (Fashion)
  • Illustration : starting from € 75 (black / white, color ) Illustration with several model figures: From € 100
  • Illustration with background : starting from € 175 (digital / illustrated)
  • Illustration logo: starting from € 100
  • Costumized assignments: starting from €150
  • Illustrated Flyers / brochures / invitations: From € 75
  • Copyright rights: consultation

Graphic design: 

  • Created with Adobe Creative Suite program starting rate: € 75
  • A character / logo simple: starting from €100
  • Personal branding : starting from € 100 / Corporate identity : starting from € 75
  • Flyers / brochures / invitations: starting from € 75
  • Business card design: starting from from € 75
  • Adapt existing logo / flyer : € 35 per hour (starting price € 50) costumized projects: starting from €100
  • Copyright rights : consultation


Each project is different, aswell are the rates. The prices are excl. 21% VAT, two correction rounds included.
For large adjustments afterwards, an hourly rate will be calculated (€35 ex. VAT).

My advise is, to be very specific about the details of your design, that saves time and money! Deposit is required before work can commence. An invoice of 50% of total will be emailed to you.

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Copyrights of the image are always owned by Studio JNNFR unless other facts been
agreed by contract. Client Uses Picture only for it in the agreement provided target.
Copyrights can be bought by Studio JNNFR, for an minumum percentage.

Prepayment and cancellation fees

If agreed, the client pays an advance payment which is also the its deregistration cost, the client is allowed to stop in the middle of the design process work of studio JNNFR. For amounts up to € 500 – 50 % down payment and amounts from € 500 – 20% down payment will be acquired.

Order Confirmation

The above being at agreed a confirmation that an optimal cooperation can be effected.

Yes, I want to order an unique Studio JNNFR design!!

Send us a contact request to order an art or illustration!